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18, Pre-Nursing, and loving the life in the dorms (Maya Health and Healing!). I love my floor, everyone in the floor, and our bonding sessions in the middle of the night.

I guess you could call me a gym rat, but that's only because we get a free membership to our fucking awesome ARC :)

30th June 2011



I don’t remember who it was, when it was, or where it was. I just remember being hella offended by what they said. And the fact that s/he wasn’t Filipino.

So anyways I’m talking to this friend and s/he brings up that s/he’d recently had some tapsilog and it was hella good, have you tried it? Wait what am I talking about, of course you have, it’s Filipino food!

I wonder for a bit, what’s tapsilog before asking them.

They look at me weird and say, “Wtf are you even Filipino.”

are you even Filipino

Are you even Filipino.. REALLY?

25th April 2011

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This shit too. Lol

This shit too. Lol

25th April 2011

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Ain’t it funny how things work. I feel pathetic posting this and other shit up but I just feel like I have to get it out.
Doesn’t help that this kind of pictures are hella cheesy and shit. How sad is it that I can’t feel free to say this stuff to people because I think it’s just sad that I still think about it. Why do I? I don’t really know. One part of me tells me to move on but there’s still that little inkling telling me to just stay with it. It just doesn’t help that it’s supposed to be a 2-ways… and that he really doesn’t talk to me anymore.
Whoop de fucking doo. Hahaha need to get over it!! Cry a river and build a bridge, all that shit. 

Ain’t it funny how things work. I feel pathetic posting this and other shit up but I just feel like I have to get it out.

Doesn’t help that this kind of pictures are hella cheesy and shit. How sad is it that I can’t feel free to say this stuff to people because I think it’s just sad that I still think about it. Why do I? I don’t really know. One part of me tells me to move on but there’s still that little inkling telling me to just stay with it. It just doesn’t help that it’s supposed to be a 2-ways… and that he really doesn’t talk to me anymore.

Whoop de fucking doo. Hahaha need to get over it!! Cry a river and build a bridge, all that shit. 

8th August 2010

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Once Upon A Lifetime...: There's these times →

when I feel like like I’m not good enough. Like, you need someone else to give you the things I can’t. But after all we’ve been through, I’d think you’d have realized that you obviously need me as much as I need you. And I only need you, but you clearly need more than me. That seems to be…

22nd November 2009


day 86, 87

Ah let’s see.. Yesterday, eh? Saturday was a good day.. HAHAHA! I woke up pretty early from Friday night (feeling some buzz still.. weird) and I just chilled the rest of the day. Tiff came home at like 8am, saw me in her bed, and put more blankets on me :) I think I called her mommy… Lol I didn’t do anything the rest of the day. I went to the library to “do work” but I ended up getting NOTHING done. I came back here… saw Lauren, CJ, Gino, and EJ outside, shared some Wingstop with people who went without me :(  and just hung out in the common room as usual. It was about.. 830 when Teresa called me to start walking to Jack in the Box for Jordan’s party. WTF?! So fucking early!

Well we got there, no one was there, not even Jordan.. lol his roommates were just like what? Hahaha we sat around and talked for a while until about 930, 10ish when Joanna & I went to go take some shots! Instead, this girl ended up making me a drink.. and she left, so I made it for Joanna and Teresa ahhhhhhhh. I think there was about 2 shots worth then I decided I couldn’t taste the vodka so I added more.. .HAHAHHA! Watched some people play beer pong, tried to learn how to play King’s cup. When I finished my drink, I had Jordan make me a drink… but there was soooo much tequila in it gag!! Me, Alice, and Joanna went down to play foosball and I kicked their asses, what’sUP!!! :) What else? I played pool with Terry, danced with Hannah, ummmmmm yeup. I took shots with Hannah, Sarah, Kristen, myself, Joanna, myself, uh……. lol I was downstairs and changing the music and I was like… I want to take a shot! So I took a shot of Captain Morgan by myself HAHAHA.

I don’t really remember much of the night. Terry & Amy took care of me, fed me bread.. I called one of the guys on drumline Chris Brown (I don’t really remember why, though) and I made Terry bring him upstairs so I could apologize to him. I remember someone trying to make me settle down, and he was holding onto my wrist so I broke out into the RAPE song. Hahahaha oh dear.. what else?! I was dancing downstairs… that’s it. I remember I kept saying I didn’t want to go to band practice on Monday and I kept telling myself and everyone around me that I was a straight A student, pre-Nursing and I shouldn’t be drinking. LOL

I got a ride home with Jordan’s roommate Adam and Matt. UHMM, called CJ if he could pick me up downstairs and he diiiiiiid. I walked up with him, and then just chilled outside with people. I changed first though.. in front of Alicia, Lauren, and CJ HAHAHAH! I told Christian I was better than him. Lauren was with me when I yakked in the toilet.. nasty as fuck! But I felt all better :) And when I was walking back to my room, I started walking with a swagger.. I think I said “I GOT SWAGGER, BITCH”. something like that

fun night! I ended up waking at around 930!! WTF? I never get hung over, I always remember what happened (or most of it), and wake up early. I was still feeling a slight weird buzz. Fuck! I laid down for little while more … yup. I seriously took like.. 3 shits today. NASSSSSSSSTYYYYYYY! Didn’t do anything of importance.

21st November 2009


day 65-85

BIIIIGGG update. I’ve been so lazy to catch up on this.

October 31st: FUCKING HALLOWEEN!! Woke up and went to go look for costumes with Manong Jas, Manong Iggy, and Laurengail. MMMM what happened? We went to like 5 stores and I didn’t buy ANYTHING. lol I was freaking out so badly. We went to go eat at some Mexican place… and call time was at 230 so I was almost late already. We went to the dorm, and I just dressed up as an army girl with black shorts, tanktop, kneehigh socks, Converse, and Lauren’s army crop sweater. Yay. Dom wasn’t there so I just braided my hair… Manong Iggy said I ended up looking like Lara Croft haha. Band was okay, everyone dressed up differently than they did for the Boo parade. It was fun marching in something other than uniform :) I felt a bit revealing though… hehe. What else happened? Well I don’t really know, I don’t remember if we won that game or not :P After band, I got a ride back with Asa. THEEEEEEEEEN! It was time to go OUT, wassup!

There were some problems with who we were going out, but me and Tiff ended up going by ourselves to my brothers’ apartment to pre-game with them. That was weird.. Manong Jas kept thinking Tiff was Lauren.. anyways I played a game of bp and I was already buzzing -___- lightweight as FUCK! We walked back to the dorms to get with Lauren.. haha AND we were gaffing (gassy as fuck.. hehe). Jerome and his pledge bro Huy took us to APsiRho’s party… yup. It was pretty fun just chilling, dancing.. omg I danced with Jon and he didn’t even realize it was me FAIL. Meeting more people waiting for the bathroom, teaching people how to scrub vomit of carpet properly, ummm yeah. There was this one creep guy who was jocking on me outside on the balcony.. and then it turned out to be the same guy that was talking shit to Jerome when we were leaving. WTF? But yeah, we ended up leaving at about 2 (even though technically it was like 3 cause of DSL)

November 1st: Not much of a hangover.. I’ve never had one :) I went to breakfast at State St. Grill with Manong Jas, Manong Iggy, and their neighbors. Relax day.

November 2nd-8th: I tried to donate blood and they turned me down cause I didn’t weigh enough. Apparently for 5’0” women under 19, you have to weight 138.. that’s overweight -___- Wrote my essay last minute, didn’t go to Bio for one day and missed out on an extra credit opportunity.. fortunately I got Laurengail to watch my back WASSUP! Caught up on Supernatural Season 3&4 because I had nothing else to do. Oh, I went to the first basketball game of the season! We .. didn’t own much, but we still won <3 It was fun scoping out guys hahaha omg just like back home :P We had to watch Rebel Without a Cause for RWS, which was actually pretty interesting. Reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, but just.. weirder (if that was possible). OMG, I had to run a lap in band this week because I played during a part that we weren’t supposed to play at.. fuck -__- it was the most tiring lap I’ve EVER done. ever. Of course, I aced my Philosophy quiz cause I am just that awesome 4/4 bitches! Football game as usual, against TCU? We lost pretty badly. The band went to G’s afterwards and I learned how to play the Cup game!! Chilled with the floormates outside like we usually do.. that was especially fun :)

Oh it was also sometime during this week that I got into a fight with one of the girls from Fuckyeahprettygirls. Long story short, I reblogged with a particularly nasty comment about Demi Lovato, one of them said (generally to everyone) that if we didn’t have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all, I reblogged and put her in check (about that, and about them “not judging”), and the other one got butt hurt as fuck and tried to argue with me. AND OF COURSE, we all know that isn’t possible with me. Haha, she tried telling how weird/whatever it is to argue with her in an essay and with points… excuse me? Well, obviously, she hasn’t reached middle school yet. We exchanged screennames, she left me some comments while I was away, and she doesn’t even have the nerve to sign back on when I’m on. can we all say, DB?

November 9th-15th: Let’s see.. quiet nights as usual on party nights for everyone else haha. We had a day off on Wednesday because of Patriot Day, which I just spent studying Psych as usual. Instead of studying more, however, I went to WINGSTOP with Ryan, Johnny, and Tiff!! We got 50 wings with a coupon for 10 more! plus fries and everything.. I need to put up the videos of Lauren & Ryan’s first time eating Wingstop! Anyways, I aced my Psych test.. and coincidentally, so did Jared & Kyle.. hahaha these fools! I feel bad cause I barely studied for it either :/ I tried napping the rest of the day, but the floor is just WAY TOO LOUD sometimes!! BOOO! It’s okay, though, cause I still love them <3 Band practices were okay as usual.. Friday night, I went to Wingstop AGAIN with Manong Jas & Manong Iggy and got.. 50 wings AGAIN. I’m a fatass. Hahahaha! Anyways the day of the game against New Mexico was PACQUIAO’S FIGHT!! NOOO! We were SO CLOSE to winning the game, like 27-6 until the fourth quarter when they gained 24 points… fucking defense just lazy as fuck and choking. No clutch factor AT ALL. Afterwards we went to G’s, and I still owe Joanna 6 dollars. Must remember to pay her back. At least Pacquiao won! Sunday I spent studying with Tiff at the library.. all day.. no joke! Haha I was wearing my headphones in the quiet area and I realized I forgot to study for Ape & Sushi Master and I was like “Oh shit!” and everyone turned.. apparently I shouted it pretty loud -____- moded!

November 16th-20th: Almost caught up! Haha. Let’s see.. the quiz on Ape & Sushi wasn’t bad at all! I waited for Dom, Adrian, and Kayla outside…mm then I treated Dom to eat Daphne’s :P We had band practice on Monday, but none on Wednesday or Friday! OMG, there was no hot water Monday night in Maya, so I went over to Olmeca to take a hot shower.. and it felt fucking GOOOOD! I chilled with Josh, Brenan, Megan, Carolyn, and Nate in the Olmeca seminar room after for like an hour :) Tuesday, we had a band gig at night. I went with Jordan.. it was pretty fun, but I just didn’t get to see any of the high school bands down here perform :( Wednesday was spent studying Bio.. sort of. I met some other girls from Philosophy and ate lunch with Nate, Jeremy, and Anthony. Thursday we had a BIO test!! Which was meh, but I ended up getting a 92. NOW I have an A in that class WOOHOO! I need to keep it up and ace the last test too. Gah. Hahaha Manong Jas called me at 3pm to give me my money and he was sooo fucking drunk. At 3pm. Wow. Fail. He signed up for a dental exam and met David too lol! I ate some chicken wings at their place, and got some condoms from Jamie.. awkward!

and now FRIDAY! What an exciting day. First off in the morning, I had my speech, we did pretty well. Kind of awkward handing out condoms :P I hope we got at least a B on it…..! I need an A in that class :/ If not an A, then a B will suffice. Just not a C!! Philosophy was meh, talked more about De Waal and contact lenses.. haha. Lunch was spent with Dominic, Kayla, and Adrian and I treated Dom AGAIN. haha he owes me money!! I got my quizzes from Prof. Barbone, kind of awkward… but I think I have a A/B in that class. Ack! Then I went to Dom’s PT test which he PASSED OF COURSE!! I’m so proud of that boy :) Joe and I had to walk him back to the dorm… lol. I showered, and then went to Hometown Buffet with Ate Crystal and… her friend.. I forgot his name -___- It was pretty fun, eating with Nate, Josh, and Liza (I just met her on Friday. She seemed kind of reserved, but she was nice enough to watch my food :P) I met Kristen, my Ate Sarah, mmm… lol I mixed up Jelly Anne with Amanda’s friend Jenalyn (sp?). MY BAD! It was fun eating. I had 2 and a half plates! With ice cream and everything. Took some pictures with the fam (which David did too HAHAHA) and with my ate&twin!

I had a massive food coma and was like.. food drunk with David. It was sooo hard to get back to the dorms LOL! Anyways, I took a nap when I got back and when Lauren woke me up, I met her sister Franchesca and her friend Azia :) We then dipped to go to Lauren’s ate’s house to PARTAYYY it up! I met her ate Raina and kuya James.. I think he’s her kuya. Lol too confusing. Who else did I meet? lol I took shots with Kyle, Nate, Lauren, Franchesca, Azia, Grace, Patrick… wow, who else? Some random Bay heads! Mmm.. David, Tory, Christian. Saw Nate’s kuya Eric there. Met Ava, Min, Grace, Patrick, James.. shooooot I don’t know who else! I danced around with Lauren and Patrick too HAHAHA! Shiitt I love to get down, ya know. I had 7 shots and cup of Jungle Juice <— kinda nasty cause I could still taste the vodka :( I saw Adrian & Kristian there and blew their ping pong balls for good luck!! except it was the opposite.. oh well :( I had fun overall! Nate took care of me at times but it was all good. Lol I learned how to operate their stereo so that was all good cause I could change the radio channel hehe.

We ended up going home around 1, went to Taco Bell, and thankfully survived the ride home. I played some OMGPOP and ate some Hot puff cheetos … mhm!

Fun three weeks.. now only a couple more days before HOME!

30th October 2009


day 58-64

Um, to be honest, I’m lazy to write about each day and what happened so I’ma lay down the highlights of the week since Saturday to today (Friday).

Boo Parade! was kind of fun, dressed up as Team Rocket’s Cassidy (without the hair..) except we marched so far.. and then we had to walk all that way!! what the fuck?! Crazy shit, I know right. We had quite a long break, so we went home.. untill Mt. Carmel at about 6. I got a band potato, we got into our uniform, performed and YUP after that, we diiiipped yadada. Haha it was funny, like about 10 minutes before we were supposed to move to our warmup area, our guide arrived. Me and Asa wanted to go pee and he told us we still had lots of time. So we go pee.. and when we fucking come back, the band is already leaving! WHAT THE FUCK!! We had to get our clarinets and were almost running to the band.. I almost slipped on some water too -___-

On Sunday, it was lazy day. I went to Walmart & Wingstop with Manong Jas and Tiff to get stuff for my Earth costume that I’m not making. Lol. fail.

Nothing really special on Monday except it was the only day of this week that I went to the gym. Bad bad bad! oh and it was Jordan’s birthday :) oh right, we were sitting for announcements in band and oh my GOODNESS. This guy in front of us had the hairiest motherfucking asscrack in the world. and he’s the nasty bitch’s boyfriend. lols Armida was like.. do you see it? I’m like, see what? see—OH. NASTYYY and it’s one of those things that are really gross but you can’t stop staring cause you can’t believe it’s THERE. shit.

Tuesday, we had a presentation in RWS in the library.. so that was out of the ordinary. We also got our essays back and I got a B on mine.. unexpected but whatev! I don’t really understand how I got a B when it was pure shitty shit shit. Oh and we had seminar with Prof. Hansen and 5 girls in various health/healing majors came to talk to us. Kind of intimidating about classes.

Wednesday.. we had a review in Comm. That was basically it. Philosophy was kind of boring, didn’t really learn much. Didn’t feel like going to the gym so I didn’t. Hah. Later at night, I baked Tiff brownies :) except some dilemmas: I couldn’t find a baking pan!! luckily Frannie was clutch and found me one from one of the other RA’s YAY! so I baked brownies and got compliments from people. oh and Justin was there making dough so we had fun doing that toooo. I found lots of food in the Olmeca Kitchen YUMMM rice and ramen and and.. lots of other stuff too! I’m excited to cook. I also bonded with Carolyn cause I found out she lived in South Bay too (like .. near me.. wtf) SO WE DEF GONNA CHILL WHEN WE’RE UP THERE. Anyways, after I baked the brownies, I went upstairs to Maya 3 and we SURPRISED TIFF!!

YAYY!! Happy happy joy joy :) She got brownies, cookies, and other gifts too :) She’s finally 18 shooooot

Thursday.. nothing really special again. Boo. I’m getting tired of all this college stuff ya know. Taking notes, listening in lectures. It’s only the first semester of my college life and I’m already burning out. I need to refigure my priorities. Meh. At night, we went to Wingstop and got that shiiit! Ohmygod, but the journey there was fucking scary. When we were leaving the parking lot, Dominic underestimated the island and hit it with the back of his scary. Loud ass sound! Shoot.. then Tiff drove and she forgot to check her blind spot when merging and turns out there was a car in the lane. SCARYY!! But we made it there anyways phew. Had some Lemon Pepper strips (what else)anddddd yup! We made it back in one piece with Johnny driving phewww

and today.. today. Comm test was meh, probably got a B on it. I had a quiz in Philosophy, I think I did pretty well :) Stayed in the dorms for a while until I walked to band with Katieeee. We went to Starbucks first though. We got out after seriously, 40 minutes. SCORE!! Went back to the dorms, ate with Lauren at Sbarro’s and TOOK A FAT NAPPP! When we woke up.. I don’t really remember what we did. After that, nothing was really amazing. Everyone’s pretty much gone, either they went home, went out, or went to Santa Barbara. Crazy shit whaaaaaaat! Now I am awake while Tiff is sleeping. Yay :)

23rd October 2009


day 57

Mmm Friday! I had a pretty good sleep, but I had to wake up early for Comm… :( So class was meh as usual, we got assigned groups for our review session on Wednesday and we just worked in groups. We also debriefed the speeches and I had to play Devil’s Advocate and point out that people fucking READ their speeches! no fair. Haha I’m such a party pooper. And then we got our grades for our speeches (well Ashley accidentally took it but whatev), and I got an A on my speech :) and a B on my outline, but it’s all good!

Philosophy was… interesting? I don’t even remember what we talked about. Oh yeah! We talked about Aristotle and souls. Sort of interesting but not really. I don’t really know when Philosophy is gonna get interesting again. I don’t really mind for all this learning. I like more thinking. Hahaha

I went back to the dorms (not to the Samahan meeting… it’d make me too sad) and ate.. went to band. Not really any different AGAIN. But we worked on Funeral for a Friend. Asa wasn’t there, so we asked Alyssa to give us a ride :) We fit.. except I had to sit on the floor of the car -___- FUN!… I guess :P but we fit. That’s all that matters.

Then I did some other shit until about 7ish, when we went to HAUNTED HOTEL!! Woohoo, we got there, found some parking, walked a bit, and got to that crazy mfcking place! I don’t really know how to explain it except it was scary as fuuuck!! It didn’t leave that big of an imprint on me though.. there were people with chainsaws (of course), crazy “girls” and “babies”, and of course people who blended into the background until the last mfucking moment. Shoot.

Afterwards, we went to Ghirardelli’s, but I didn’t get anything. we just.. talked.. lol. Then after THAT, we went to the Walmart at Grossmont Center and I got stuff for my team rocket costume :)

22nd October 2009


day 56

THURSDAY!! And time for Psych test.. I think I only got about 4 hours of sleep :0 It seemed okay, not really amazing. Came back to the dorms and took a mfcking NAP!! That’s what I’m talking about.. hahaha

Bio, I only went for half the lecture and I was basically falling asleep in there too :( I skipped early to walk to EBA and finish my thesis for RWS. I saw Kyle and he told me Psych grades were up!! oh dear Lord… :| I couldn’t check it though, so I just went to RWS. Turns out the thesis wasn’t due (well Stagnaro thought it was but no one put up their thesis.. lol. Good thing I didn’t?).

Went back to the dorms and KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT AGAIN!! 8 hours of sleep between two days is NOT fun, lemme tell you. Grr. But I slept peacefully until about 8 or 9 and then I wrote up my Evaluations and went back happily to sleep ;)

It seems like I can never remember Tuesdays or Thursdays as well as MWF’s. Weird.

21st October 2009


day 55

Wednesday! Time for Comm speech! I woke up at about 9, dressed up a bit nicer than usual, and left early so I could meet up with Pamela before our speech! I bought some pineapples too :) of coursseee haha. So we practiced some, went to Comm.. and then did our speech! Yadayada, you don’t need to know about everything. It went pretty good, except I had said “um” and “like” a couple times :/

Went over to Philosophy and took a page and a half of notes.. whaaaaat the fuck! So much stuff to cover already :| or maybe I just take too many notes. Aha! Walked back to the dorms, ate, and then left for band! Same old, same old :P nothing really exciting this time.

After band, Asa gave us a ride back to the dorms again! Wassup :P After that.. straight to crackin on Psych! ……… after a nap :) Woke up, WAS gonna go to the orchestra concert but didn’t.. I met Sarah and saw Mallorie, but it turns out they were going to the Rob Thomas concert LOL!! Well I didn’t go.. so I went down to the Maya seminar hall and studied.

Well first I was outside in the lounge outside the Star Center and OHMYFGOD. Bitches cannnoottt shut up when they tryna fake they’re “studying”. Jeez. So loud. So I went up, got my charger, and then went back down to study in the Maya seminar hall. Stayed there all night beez. Mike, Nate, Lisa, Katie, and Tiff came down eventually… we were there until about 1? Then we went back up and studied in the common area.

Jared’s friends from Phi Kap came by (Kyle and Brett) and we studied Psych together… not really helpful but whatev. Ended up sleeping around 2 or 3?

Tiring day.